sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Street Fighter Sagat

Okay everyone, finally after 3 months here is my finished piece of Sagat from Street Fighter fully painted and on its base, this piece is made of epoxi clay and super sculpey it stands 15 inches tall on its base, hope you like it.


Well this one was my 6th work with super sculpey, this piece is the one im most proud of so far, although the axe looks wierd, i really like its expression and the way the muscles came out more naturally than in any other of my pieces.


Not yet finished, awaiting for paint job (color suggestions are welcome), Steel wire armature and Super sculpey.

Aun no terminada, en espera de pintura (las sugerencias sobre color son bienvenidas), armadura de alambre de acero y super sculpey.



Random Muscle Guy

Dragon Bust